Faculty Hiring System

Welcome to our Faculty Hiring System, as the largest liberal arts faculty in Canada, we offer an education that thinks big and dreams even bigger. We enhance the capacity of our graduates as global leaders for the 21st century by making the liberal arts a critical foundation for learning and by bridging the divide between liberal and professional education. Our scholars lead ground-breaking, award-winning research that responds to society’s needs. We proudly deliver top-ranked programs in the social sciences, humanities, and professional fields.

For inquiries on using this online application system, please email applylaps@yorku.ca

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Active Job Postings: 

Dept. of Politics - Contractually Limited Appointment - International Relations, Specialization in International Security (Due Date: August 5 2021)

Dept. of Politics - Contractually Limited Appointment - Political Theory - History of Political Thought (Due Date: August 9 2021)

Dept. of Equity Studies - Contractually Limited Appointment - Critical Human Rights (Due Date: August 9 2021)


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